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S&B Aluminum Foundry, Inc.

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Our Foundry produces castings from certified alloys using the gravity process. 

Permanent Mold Casting - A mold is machined from either cast iron or steel. Castings are created with the aid of a die-partner machine. Molten alloy is poured into the cavity and solidifies. The mold is then opened and the casting is pushed out with ejector pins. Various types of coating are used on occasion to aid in insulating and releasing. 

Heat Treat

Our oven achieves a temperature uniformity of  ±10° F.  Equipped with a four input digital recorder, our heat treat process is guaranteed to conform to temper specifications. 

Machine Shop

Our CNC machines provide precision work on short and long runs while keeping a tight tolerance. With both Vertical Mills and Lathes, we provide many services such as facing, boring, turning, and more. 

Mold Design

In most cases, we are able to work with you in any stage of product development. Whether you have a completed model or just an idea, we're here to help. 

About Us

 S&B Aluminum Foundry was incorporated in 2007. With over 20 years of experience in the field, our Founder has created a hard working, customer first culture. Our mission is to produce high quality parts meeting the standard of our customers.

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S&B Aluminum Foundry, Inc.

2510 S 3400 W, West Valley City, Utah 84119, United States

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